Call for Workshops and Tutorials

Proposal Submissions Guidelines

SSIC 2021 will be hosting a series of workshops and tutorials. Workshops and tutorials feature topics relevant to the Conference theme on the latest research, engineering, standards and business issues.

The objective of a Scientific Workshop at SSIC 2021 is to give researchers the opportunity to present and receive feedback on early research results. The objective of an Industrial Workshop is to create an environment for smart system pioneers and practitioners in industry to share hands - on experience with computing systems.

Tutorials are supposed to teach participants hands - on practical knowledge about emerging innovative computational techniques and enable them to use the learned technology for their own projects.

How to Apply

Each proposal must include the following applications and should be maximum five pages.

Theme for Workshop or Tutorial (not limited to)

  1. 1).   Software Engineering for Smart Systems

  2. 2).   Affective Computing

  3. 3).   Agriculture Automation

  4. 4).   Applied Electromagnetic in Smart Systems

  5. 5).   Biometrics and Smart Systems

  6. 6).   Cloud Computing

  7. 7).   Communication Systems

  8. 8).   Computational Intelligence

  9. 9).   Control Systems and Robotics

  10. 10).   Cyber-Physical Systems

  11. 11).   Dependable Computer Systems

  12. 12).   Embedded Computer Systems

  13. 13).   Green Communication

  14. 14).   Green Computing

  15. 15).   High-Performance Computing

  16. 16).   Image and Video Processing

  17. 17).   Intelligent Power Systems and Environments

  18. 18).   Intelligent Transportation Systems

  19. 19).   Internet of Things

  20. 20).   Mobile and Wireless Networks

  21. 21).   Security and Privacy

  22. 22).   Smart Antennas

  23. 23).   Smart Health

  24. 24).   Smart Houses and Cities

  25. 25).   Smart Systems and Technologies in Education

  26. 26).   Smart Systems for Green Energy

  27. 27).   Smart Systems in Business Information Systems

Workshop and tutorial Application: Click Here (attached pdf file)

Workshop or Tutorial proposals must be submitted via email to the SSIC: [email protected] and [email protected] with “Application for Workshop/Tutorial the SSIC-2021 Conference” written in the subject line of your message.

Important Dates for Proposal Submissions:

DEADLINE: 30th August, 2020

For more details please visit the conference website ( )

Contact Person for Special Session:
  1. Ankit Mundra ([email protected])

  2. Rohit Kumar Gupta ([email protected])

  3. Vivek Kumar Verma ([email protected]